Jarred S. Dichek

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Jarred Dichek is an experienced litigator who has a reputation for being aggressive and skillful. He specializes in the practice areas of fraud-SIU, personal injury protection, first party property with an emphasis on fraud and arson, fraud affirmative action litigation, personal injury protection class action defense and personal injury protection coverage issues-declaratory actions. He also takes examinations under oath and has served as an attorney fee expert in hundreds of PIP and First Party Property cases. Additionally, Jarred has extensive experience in handling large scale fraud projects against medical clinics, plaintiffs and doctors, staged accident rings, CPT coding fraud, fraudulent or non-existent medical treatment, and first party property fraud rings.

Jarred is a board member and active participant of the Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC), the Claims Litigation Management (CLM) Fraud Committee and has participated in several speaking engagements and seminars in the following areas: advanced SIU investigations, pursuing a civil fraud and-or RICO lawsuit, homeowner insurance fraud, early resolution, negotiation and settlement, filing a proposal for settlement, fraud in the medical records, fraudulent and excessive attorney fee claims, and personal injury protection law.

Jarred was born in Riverdale, New York. In 2001, he received a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Miami. While at the University of Miami, Jarred was on the Provost and Deans list. He was an active member of the Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He participated in many charitable events, such as Hurricanes Help the Hometown, Habitat for Humanities, Toys for Tots, and Make a Wish Foundation. After graduation, Jarred worked at AXA Advisors LLC as a financial planner, specializing in tax and estate planning.

Jarred is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center. During Law School Jarred participated in the International Travel Journal, The Innocence Project, and was a member of Phi Alpha Delta. Jarred was also certified as a Guardian Ad Litem by the Florida Supreme Court and was a Street Law instructor, teaching children about the law.

Practice Areas


  • Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (J.D., 2005)
  • University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL (B.A., 2001)


  • State of Florida, 2005
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, 2008
  • United States District Court, Northern District of Florida, 2009
  • United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, 2009
  • United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, 2009

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Kubicki Draper PIP / SIU Practice Group, Co-Chair
  • Kubicki Draper First Party Practice Group, Member
  • Florida Bar Association
  • Dade County Bar Association
  • Dade County Defense Bar Association
  • Florida Claims Defense Network
  • Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC), Board Member
  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM), Insurance Fraud Committee, Co-Chair
  • International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU)
  • Florida Property & Casualty Task Force, Member
  • University of Miami Citizens Board, Member

Certifications / Specialties

  • Certified Continuing Education Instructor, State of Florida

Special Awards and Recognitions

  • Rated "AV Preeminent" by Martindale Hubbell
  • Martindale-Hubbell 

Speaking Engagements / Presentations

  • "Advanced PIP Litigation," NARS, 2022
  • "Combating Fraudulent and/or Excessive Attorneys’ Fee Demands," FIFEC, 2022
  • "The Story of a Bartender, a Local Radio Celebrity and a Fraudulent Accident," FIFEC, 2022
  • "Advanced PIP Litigation," USAA, 2022
  • "PIP 2022 - What’s Trending?," Pronto, 2022
  • "Taking the Fraud Out of the Public Adjuster's Estimate," IASIU, 2022
  • "Social Media in the Evaluation of Insurance Claims," AEI/SCLA, 2022
  • "PIP 2022 - What’s Trending? and PIP Coverage: Common Issues and Exclusions," Travelers, 2022
  • "SB76 Became Effective July 1, 2021, What Now?," Heritage, 2022
  • "PIP 2022 - What’s Trending?," Assurance, 2022
  • "PIP 2022 - What’s Trending?," Mercury, 2022
  • "Corporate Representative Depositions and PIP 2022 - What's Trending?," AAA, 2022
  • "PIP 2022 - What’s Trending?," Pearl Holding, 2022
  • "Independent Medical Examinations in Personal Injury Protection," AAA, 2021
  • "SIU: Tips and Tactics," Assurance America, 2021
  • "Alternative Defenses in Florida PIP Cases," AAA, 2021
  • "Advanced PIP Litigation," AAA, 2021
  • "Material Misrepresentation in the Application," Mendota, 2021
  • "Advanced PIP Litigation," Mercury, 2021
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," Heritage, 2021
  • "Hot Topics in PIP," CNA, 2021
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update,"MetLife, 2021
  • "Files from the Fraud Side - Ruse, Clues and Do’s," Kubicki Draper Webinar, 2020
  • "PIP Coverage: Common Issues and Exclusions," Kubicki Draper Webinar, 2020
  • "Social Media, Technology and Its Use in Claims Handling," Pearl Holding Group, 2020
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  • "Material Misrepresentation," CLM Webinar, 2020
  • "PIP Hot Topics in the Covid World," National General Webinar, 2020
  • "Water Mitigation Defense Strategies," AAA Webinar, 2020
  • "Hot Topics in PIP," Kubicki Draper Webinar, 2020
  • "Social Media, Technology and Its Use in Claims Handling Webinar," Central Florida IASIU, 2020
  • "Water Mitigation Defense Strategies," Water Losses & Cast Iron Pipes Webinar Series, 2020
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," Kubicki Draper Webinar, 2020
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," AAA, 2020
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  • "Bad Faith Prevention: Negotiating Low Limit Single and Multiple Claims and Effective Preparation and Strategy for the Claims Professional," AAA, 2020
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," Allstate, 2020
  • "Social Media, Technology and Its Use in Claims Handling," Assurant, 2019
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  • "Solicitation and Brokering & We have Fraud, Can We Prove it?," Pearl Holding Group, 2019
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," Southwest Florida Claims Association (SWFCA), 2019
  • "Anatomy of a Lawsuit," Gainsco, 2019
  • "Florida Hold ‘Em Poker: Evaluating and Defending Attorney Fee Claims," Kubicki Draper, Go All In for KD’s Claim Game – First Party Property Conference, 2019
  • "Evaluating and Defending Attorney Fee Claims," Universal Property, 2019
  • "Investigating Property Losses/Subrogation and Evaluating Property," NARS, 2018
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," MetLife, 2018
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  • "Solicitation and Brokering," Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC), 2018
  • "The Good Faith, the Bad Faith, and How to Avoid the Ugly in Claims Handling;" Mercury, 2018
  • "Wind and Water Damage Claims," Flood House Seminar, 2018
  • "Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update," Farmers, 2018
  • "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Two Faces of the Concurrent Cause Doctrine," Kubicki Draper, A Day at the First Party Property Oscars, 2017
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  • "Investigating Staged Accidents and Taking an effective Examination Under Oath," Liberty Mutual, 2011
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Miami, FL 33156

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